Does your Daily Scrum feel like a Status Meeting?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

You know the scene.

The team files in. Gathers in a circle. Probably doesn't look at the task board, even if you have one, and even if it is showing.

Then you go around the circle, each person in turn, answering the 3 questions I know I learned when I started my career as a Scrum Master:

  • What did you do yesterday?

  • What do you plan on doing today?

  • Is there anything stopping or slowing you down?

As this happens, the speaking member directs their answer to one person, like a manager or the Scrum Master, who interjects with clarifying questions, or drops some knowledge like manna from heaven.

As this happens, the speaking member refers to their work using cryptic language involving a string of numbers: the task tracking tool's identifier. Most nod, at least feigning an understanding of what we're talking about. All sigh after their turn is done, ignoring their team mates and checking their phone for the latest comment made on the ScrumOnTraining blog. Or something else. Likely the blog, though :) .