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Challenge the Existence of That Meeting

I once became in charge of a meeting that fell outside of the Scrum canon, so I asked the group if this meeting was useful. I also said that this is our meeting, so we have the opportunity to make this meeting serve us.

'Cause honestly, I didn't want to be associated with a meeting that sucks and is a waste of time.

This is healthy for meetings in general... and I'd argue fully within the purview of Scrum Mastery. I mean, fine, you still might meet, and that invite on your calendar may not change one bit, but at least y'all will be on the same page with stuff like:

  • Is there a purpose?

  • Is the purpose understood by all?

  • Do we have the right people?

  • Is this the right frequency to meet?

As a Scrum Master, be prepared to answer these questions to justify the gatherings that do fall inside of the Scrum canon. It will make you a better Agilist.

Heck, challenge the team on the existence of these meetings, like a Scrum Master turned evil and antagonistic. It will make the team better Agilists. It's also fun.

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