Oh No, A Bug, Now What?

Let's start with a potentially controversial reminder.

Agile for Agile's sake sucks. - me, an Agile Coach

Don't get me wrong: the Agility mindset and evolving practices will help with conducting frequent feedback loops in product & process, but which experiments you conduct, and what you do with resultant information, are all business decisions. You conduct experiments for frequent feedback loops not because this in itself will have you stay in business. You conduct experiments... to serve your customers well... to stay in business.

So what if there's now a bug?

  • Ultimate goal is to stay in business.

  • Ultimate mission is to serve your customers well.

  • Recognize that the tidy Scrum framework for conducting experiments may become... less tidy.

  • ...Specifically, the Sprint Backlog may become... less tidy.

Bug from Inside the Sprint

This ain&#