The Scrum Mastery Challenge - Quiz #2

Every Tuesday we'll give you three challenging Scrum Mastery questions. The following Monday I share the answers with you in a new blog post, or you can get the answers by adding your email to my mailing list in the Contacts section at the bottom of the page. If you are feeling courageous, add your answers in the comment section of this blog.

My advice is to read each question thoroughly, and time-box each question to four minutes. To challenge yourself, keep the Scrum Guide and other browser windows closed. Have fun with the quiz, I hope this helps you learn and to be a better Scrum Master!

This week our questions get harder. Are you ready?

Question 1

Your Scrum Team has taken over the ongoing support and enhancements of a software product developed by a third party company, which was turned over to your Scrum Team 6 weeks ago.  After three Sprints of working on new enhancements, the Development Team has discovered a large amount of technical debt, which is making it a challenge to complete a “Done” Increment each Sprint.  What is the best option going forward?