Interview Question #2 - How does the Scrum Master help a team self-organize?

If I had to choose a list of topics that are important in Scrum, self-organization would make my top 5 list. Empiricism would be at the very top, but I'll save that for another time. There are many ways this question can be broken down, and it may get asked in different ways. Some examples:

  • What does the Scrum Guide say about self-organization, and how does Scrum help with it?

  • How can the Scrum Master promote and encourage self-organization within the Development Team?

  • What is needed for self-organization to flourish?

  • Why is self-organization so important?

  • What are signs that a Development Team is self-organizing? How do you ensure self-organization does not go too far?

Let's look at each question above, which will give you insight into how to break this down in order to provide a thoughtful answer.

How does Scrum in General Help