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Prepare for the PSM Exams with the Scrum Guide-Reordered

One of my fellow Professional Scrum Trainers, Stefan Wolpers PST from Berlin Germany, has graciously allowed me to provide you with a free download of the Scrum Guide-Reordered. All you have to do is subscribe to my email distribution list so I can have permission to send you emails.

The Scrum Guide–Reordered resulted from Stefan's preparation to pass’s Professional Scrum Master III certification. If you're thinking about taking a PSM exam, this can be a great study tool, since it focuses you on patterns. I wish this was available when I was taking the PSM tests! If you're a Scrum Master, this is also a great tool to use with your Scrum Team to teach them about the Scrum events, roles, artifacts and more. If you're an Agile coach, you need this guide!

A note from Stefan about this guide:

It is based on about 90 percent of the text of the 2017 Scrum Guide, extending its original structure by adding an extended categorization. For example, you will find all quotes that can be attributed to the role of the Scrum Master in one place. While the Scrum Guide is mainly focused on the three roles, five events, and three artifacts, I aggregated quotes on specific topics as well, for example, on self-organization, finance or technical debt.

The Scrum Guide–Reordered allows you to get a first understanding of Scrum-related questions quickly. For example, it is good at relating a specific topics — say “stakeholder” — with Scrum first principles such as Scrum Values, or empiricism.

While the Scrum Guide–Reordered does not answer all questions you might have immediately, I found it very helpful to identify the patterns and principles used throughout the Scrum Guide. Moreover, it is a great tool to start meaningful discussions with your peers.

I highly encourage you to check out Stefan's web site at, and would like to thank him for giving me permission to provide my students and followers with this tool.

Scrum on!

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