On Team Building

Let's Ask Cute Questions.

  • "What is your super-villain power?"

  • "What hobby do you wish you had?"

  • "When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

  • "What has your first job? Now, what was a time where you failed at it?"

  • "What musical instrument did you play as a kid? Now, if you put us all together, what band are we obviously?"

Questions like the above are... cute. Notice they are all versions of telling a story, which gets the team to talk, and hopefully listen to each other, which is what we want. You also don't have to ask them at the beginning of a team's existence. If anything, injecting an energy like what y'all had at the beginning keeps a level of novelty going, and more importantly, echoes how building relationships takes recurring effort. Let me say that again.

Building relationships takes recurring effort.

Asking cute questions is not a large time commitment. So what would be more of an investment?

Let's Do Something Together.

  • Ever go out to eat as a team? Followed by ice cream? Then espresso? People remember that.

  • Ever go out for drinks as a team? People remember... varying amounts of that.

  • Ever 'Escape The Room' as a team? Or trying? People definitely remember that.