As an Agilist I want to do Disgustingly Agile Things so that I become even more Agile

Admit it: you've laughed at an Agile notion taken too far. A blog post title expressed in the User Story Form? I thought that was hilarious! For about half a minute. Then I asked myself, "Why needlessly insert some aspect of Agility in a superfluous or infelicitous manner?"

For practice! Maybe you're finding opportunities in your life to inject some Agility to make your own experience as you look for that first Scrum Master job, post-certification. Or maybe you think you're (temporarily) hilarious.

Either way, I submit it's good practice as you skill up. Or at least self-amusing.

Here are some Disgustingly Agile Things you can try.

Ask for the Purpose of a Meeting

Just like how the User Story Form has the 'so that' bit at the end, the benefit, 'the why', y'all should know why you're hanging out together in that meeting. It sets the tone. One tone. Think of it as an