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Experienced and Certified Professional Agile Coach​

As an Agile coach I use my deep experience, knowledge and training to dance between the stances of Agile coaching, mentoring, facilitation and teaching for Scrum Teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners to leaders and even a CIO of a Fortune 75 company.  Below is a sample tasting menu of what I have done.

A Tasting Menu

  • Provided 1:1 hands on coaching and mentoring to numerous Scrum Teams, Scrum Masters and Product Owners, helping move them beyond mechanical Scrum to professional Scrum.

  • Facilitated and designed workshops and coaching to help new Scrum teams get started with a Product vision, roadmap, personas, initial Product Backlog, working agreements, team norms, definition of “Done”, estimation, and team building.

  • Educated the organization to leverage metrics to think beyond velocity and burn-down charts, designing a team health check template for teams to adopt and measure more effective outcomes, based on dimensions of value, flow, quality and team health.

  • Developed a team maturity health check to drive continuous improvement within teams and organizations.

  • Facilitated multiple training events including

    • Scrum for Managers

    • Metrics

    • Roles & Responsibilities.

    • Scrum Fundamentals

    • Story Mapping

    • User Story Workshops

    • Estimation

    • Adaptive Planning

    • Scrum Mastery

    • Liberating Structures

    • ‘Ask an Agile Coach’

    • Lean Coffee sessions

  • Introduced teams to Management 3.0 techniques through facilitated workshops, including Moving Motivators, Delegation Poker and Personal Maps.
  • Partnered with a colleague to build an Agile studio of recommended Agile practices and anti-patterns, serving an organization of over 270 Agile Teams.
  • As a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), facilitated workshops on Scaling, Value Stream Mapping and Agile Release Train creation used the Scaled Agile Framework toolkits.
  • Nurtured Agile Communities of Practice. Frequently blogged on relevant Agile topics.
  • Coached a program of 10 Scrum Teams to leverage scaling patterns to become more effective at value delivery.
  • Provided Scrum Team tune-ups and boot camps.
  • Assisted with a SAFe Agile Release Train's preparation for and facilitation of Program Increment (PI) Planning.
  • Prepared a client's 'State of Agile' Scrum Master Survey on a quarterly basis.


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