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Agile Transformations

If you are considering an Agile transformation, we have the proven experience to assist you with your Agile journey. We've been at the heart of some large transformations, including setting up an Agile transformation coaching office at Liberty Mutual over the last four years, a Fortune 75 company with over 280 Scrum Teams in the United States.

Ken Schwaber has said "Scrum takes two days to learn, a lifetime to master". We're able to provide all of your Scrum Teams, as well as managers, with Scrum Foundations training. We're also licensed to provide your Scrum Masters with the industry recognized Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I certification, and then follow that up with coaching and additional workshops. Our training materials are consistent, meaning that no matter where in the world you take a course, we use the same materials, case studies, and deliver the same message. Oh, unlike other training companies, we'll never ask your employees to pay a certification renewal fee every year, it is there's for life!

We don't believe in a big bang, waterfall approach to a transformation, as no two companies are alike and have the same needs. We won't recommend you adopt some shiny new buzzword like the 'Spotify model', we'll help you customize your own transformation approach. Let us help you succeed with an empirical approach to transformation. We'll use Scrum to set up an enablement team with your leadership, and suggest running in one week Sprints from a Product Backlog.

We believe that all Scrum Masters are Agile coaches, and will position your Scrum Masters as such, building an internal Agile coaching competency from within, through advanced training and coaching. After all isn't a Scrum Master who is in the trenches with their teams better positioned to coach your teams? We call it coaching from the inside out, rather than top down from an external coach.

Contact us below for a free one hour consultation to see if we might be the right partner for you.

Scrum on!

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